Single Tooth Replacement in Somerville, MA

Some people feel embarrassed even with a simple smile showing their teeth because there’s either a damaged or missing tooth that they do not want anyone to see. If you want to fill that gap, you can get a single tooth replacement at Smile Dental Group.

We are a team of dental professionals who have replaced the teeth of many patients through dental implants, and all of them were happy with the outcome. As long as it’s bringing back your smile, we’re always ready to provide the necessary dental treatment.

What Is a Single Tooth Implant Treatment?

A single tooth implant treatment is a modern dental procedure that replaces a missing tooth without compromising the health of the surrounding teeth. This treatment involves surgically inserting a titanium implant into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth, serving as a new “root” for the tooth.

Once the implant has integrated with the bone, a process known as osseointegration, a custom-made crown that matches the color, shape, and size of the surrounding teeth, is attached to the implant. The crown functions like a natural tooth, restoring the patient’s ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently.

Benefits of Getting a Single Tooth Implant

  • Preserving Tooth Structure. Unlike bridges, a single tooth implant doesn’t need to alter the surrounding teeth, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

  • Durability and Longevity. With adequate care, dental implants can last long, making them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

  • Preventing Bone Loss. The implant stimulates bone growth, preventing jawbone deterioration that often occurs with missing teeth.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Convenience. Unlike dentures, implants are fixed in place and don’t require removal for cleaning, providing superb convenience and comfort.

  • Restored Functionality. A single tooth implant lets you chew and speak with the same efficiency and comfort as a natural tooth without worrying about the new tooth slipping or moving.

Who Is Not an Ideal Candidate for a Single Tooth Treatment?

When discussing single tooth treatments, you must know that certain conditions or characteristics can make individuals ineligible for these procedures. Some of these candidates may include:

Young Children

Their jaws are still growing, and their permanent teeth may not have fully erupted. Treatment plans for children focus on maintaining space for permanent teeth rather than permanent restorative solutions.

Individuals With Lacking Bone Density

For dental implants, patients need adequate bone support. People who have experienced significant bone loss in the jaw may not initially qualify for implants until they undergo bone grafting procedures.

People With Certain Chronic Conditions

Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, severe osteoporosis, or autoimmune diseases that impact healing or impose a high risk of infection may preclude someone from being a candidate for single tooth treatments.

Heavy Smokers or Users of Tobacco Products

Smoking can impair healing in the oral cavity, making dental implant procedures less successful due to the increased risk of infection and implant failure.

Patients With Poor Oral Hygiene

Individuals who cannot or will not maintain good oral hygiene might be at greater risk of post-procedural complications, impacting the viability of the treatment.

Those With Severe Periodontal Disease

Advanced gum disease can deteriorate the supporting structures of the teeth (gums and bone), which are vital for successful restorative procedures. Treating periodontal diseases precede any single tooth restoration.

Patients Undergoing Certain Treatments

People undergoing chemotherapy, radiation to the jaw, or taking certain medications that impact bone density might need to postpone or forego implant procedures due to the increased risk of failure or complications.

Do Single Tooth Implants Use Titanium?

Yes, single tooth implants commonly use titanium materials due to several compelling reasons. Titanium has a unique ability to fuse directly with bone, a process known as osseointegration, which ensures that the implant remains securely anchored in the jawbone, replicating the stability and strength of a natural tooth root.

  Furthermore, titanium is biocompatible. This means it will not harm living tissue and does not trigger adverse reactions when implanted into the human body. This makes it ideal for patients and dental professionals alike. Additionally, titanium’s remarkable durability and corrosion resistance promote the longevity of dental implants, making them a long-term option for tooth replacement.

Experience Stress-Free Single Tooth Implant Treatments at Smile Dental Group

There’s no reason for you not to visit Smile Dental Group in Somerville, MA, whenever you want to undergo a single tooth implant procedure. Our dentist has years of experience in dentistry, and they have always ensured that each patient felt little to no pain during the treatment.

Call us to schedule your appointment if you want to talk to our dentist about the treatment.

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